Juanes - Dancing In The Dark

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JUANES - DANCING IN THE DARK (Dancing In The Dark) Film Director: Kacho Lopez Producer: Sebastian Krys, Verónica Concha, Duarte Figueira Associated Performer: Pete Thomas, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Richard Bravo, Carlitos Del Puerto, Juanes, Juan Pablo Daza Film Producer: Tristana Robles Reyes Studio Personnel: Said Edid, Pepe Ortega, Brian Lucey, Felipe Trujillo, Daniel Galindo, Geoff Neal Composer Lyricist: Bruce Springsteen Graphic Artist: Paranoiia Productions, NAVS, Andrea Sastoque Unknown: Esteban Cardona Jimenez


ultramarine Linux 1 hour ago

Excellent videography and editing. Great use of masking, timelapse, aerial footage and transitions! By far my favorite bridge in New York and I have walked and cycled across it numerous times. I still have to walk across it during sunrise though!

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WΛŁŁ•㉫ Gaming 2 days ago

She is a brave woman God save her please. too bad her good deed is going to be punishment 😔😔😔😔

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Fatchai's Mukbang 11 months ago

I just wanted to tell you thank you. Im a huge gear head and I've been restoring my 73 C30 from the ground up. Several friends have been teaching me. And like you I've been bullied for loving anything fast and in my case old. Thank you for showing men that us woman can love cars just as much as they do.

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